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30 Jun

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to sushi my stomach can be a bottomless pit. Last night me, my bottomless pit, and a friend of ours found sweet sweet sushi satisfaction at Japonica. Feast your eyes on our spread:

We ordered a Spicy Scallop Roll (upper right corner), Kanpyo (pickled gourd and egg) Roll (below Scallops, mid right), Yellow Tuna and Avocado Jalapeno Roll (bottom right corner), Calamari Tempura Roll (bottom center), and a BBQ Dragon Roll (snaking up from the bottom left corner).

Here’s the breakdown:

In one word: Contentment

Location: 100 University Place, Union Square, NYC, NY

Food: Excellent. My favorites were the BBQ Dragon Roll–the combination of the sweet and tangy BBQ eel with the smooth and creamy avocado was to die for. If you haven’t ever tried a scallop roll try it here–the scallop is slightly cool and tastes sweet and buttery. It feels like it melts on your tongue, which contrasts really well with the crunchy tempura crumbs dusted over the roll.  Whether you like to go light or heavy on spicy mayo, you’ll be happy here–it’s very light in the rolls themselves, but your server will bring out a large dish of the sauce with your order, so you can apply the amount you like.

Drink: We irreverently used Diet Coke to wash down our meal, but I noticed they had a great Sake selection that I’m looking forward to sampling next time.

Service: The wait staff was very attentive and our food came out quickly. I was warned to expect a lengthy wait time, as this is known to be the place for sushi. However, I had the opposite experience. I made a reservation online for 8:15 on a Tuesday night, and when we arrived we were seated immediately. In fact, the restaurant wasn’t that crowded. I’d recommend trying Japonica on a weeknight after 8–hopefully you’ll have the same luck I did.

Scene: The décor is very low key–nothing fussy about the place. There are some paper lanterns hanging over the sushi bar and a few Japanese prints on the walls, but there’s not much else to say. Everyone around us belonged to the after-work crowd. The tables are well spaced, leaving more “breathing room” than the typical NYC restaurant.

Dress: If you go on a weeknight like we did, no need to primp. Whatever you wore to work or jeans and a t-shirt will do fine. You could throw on a statement necklace to show that you made an effort, or not; this is not a stuck up crowd.

Cost: We split the bill, which came to $35 each with tax and tip. For a place that’s known to be on the pricy side, I was pleasantly surprised.

Delivery Area: 4th St. to 17th St., Third Ave. to Seventh Ave.

If you like, try… Momoya. Like Japonica, it’s fantastic sushi without the Nobu scene.

Designer to Watch: Melissa Joy Manning

29 Jun

If you’re into the bohemian luxe look, Manning’s jewelry is for you.

Manning makes beautiful and unique pieces using semi-precious and precious stones like geodes, moonstones, druzy, and ocean jasper. Each piece has the feeling of a handcrafted, organic, one of a kind treasure.

You may have noticed Manning’s pieces in In Style’s July 2010 issue this month, featuring Cameron Diaz (check out p. 172-183).  I particularly liked the gold necklace with charms in the look on p. 177, which was photographed by Michaleangelo Di Battista and styled by Rossela Tarabini:

fashion with edge

Unfortunately, Manning doesn’t currently offer this piece on her website (where shipping is free when you spend more than $100), but I’m dreaming about this one, a Jasper Slice Ring in 14k gold for $375:

this is on my wish list

I love that this ring is sweet and playful, yet with a little roughness around the edges. The hand-hammered band has a lovely delicateness to it which is contrasted with the oversized prongs. The variegated colors and textures of the semi-precious stone draws the eye in. Nothing about this piece is straightforward–exactly what I’m looking for in a gorgeous, dramatic statement ring.

DIY Down by the Sea Hair Accesory or Gift

29 Jun

Nothing says summer better than nautical.

There are lots of ways to make waves with this trend, beyond the iconic red or navy striped shirts you see everywhere. For example, I adore these red striped cloth buttons featuring a delicate, tiny brass anchor and teeny tiny bubbles made of faux pearl beads. These darling embellishments set the red stripes at a diagonal, which freshens up the traditionally horizontal look and has an energetic movement that draws in the eye.

darling details

You can buy these on Etsy–$9 for 4 buttons–and the designer will make them to order so you can select a different color and request more or fewer bubbles. I added one button to a simple black Goody ponytail holder but snipping the hairband, threading on the button, then hot gluing the band back together.  Let it dry for 24 hours and it’ll be a fantastic, one of a kind accessory. In a couple of weeks I’m taking a weekend trip to the Cape with my girlfriends and I plan to give one to each of them.  What could be better than the effortless wavy hair you get at the beach? This darling DIY sea-themed hair accessory.

down by the sea

the manifesto

28 Jun

Let’s talk about good taste.

I founded good taste in 2010 as a way to share my thoughts on food and fashion with the world. I love experimenting with new flavors and styles. I love hunting down restaurant and retail therapy treasures and dishing about my finds. And I love that so many people can come here and share in the fun.

so sweet

Thanks for taking time to explore.