Accessory Trend Alert seen in Eclipse: Moonstones

3 Jul

I admit it!

This Wednesday I saw the new Twilight movie, Eclipse, when it opened. And I have to report it was as-promised: almost two hours of teenage angst, sexual tension, and undying (undead) love.

The audience with me was fantastic. Whenever Jacob appeared without his shirt there were enthusiastic “OW-OW!”s. When Edward promised to love Bella forever, an audible “Awww,” filled the theater. However, best of all, this was followed quickly by someone shouting out “GROSS!” when Edward referred to Bella as “Mrs. Cullen.”  LOVE IT!

Now on to how Twilight relates to this blog. Not sure if anyone else noticed, but Bella’s closet, as far as I saw, comes almost entirely from American Eagle. Whenever she stalked awkwardly and angstily away from first Jacob, then Edward, then Jacob, then Edward, the audience got a great view of AE’s easily recognizable denim sign. What an awesome product placement deal for them to land.

The only other constant feature of Bella’s wardrobe was a an accessory that she wore in almost every scene of the movie–a Moonstone ring:

credit: Eclipse movie

Why Bella, how on-trend you are! Clearly whoever is styling Bella knows that moonstones are poised to be the biggest accessory trend this year. Many top fine jewelry designers included them in their spring 2010 collections, and I suspect that it won’t be long before the trend spreads far enough for Bella to be able to buy a moonstone ring at her beloved American Eagle.

Designers love moonstones for their soft, muted shimmer–moonstones possess a sensual, feminine aura that is earthy and unfussy. There’s also a lot of intriguing mystique and mythology surrounding the stone that gives it a special charm. For example, the moonstone is thought to owe its name to the traditional belief that one could see the crescent and waning phase of the moon contained inside the stone. In India, it’s thought to be a magical “dream stone” with the power to bring the wearer beautiful visions at night. Finally, in Arabic countries women often wear the moonstone hidden in pockets or seams of their garments, as it is thought to increase fertility.

So how can you wear the trend? Here are a couple of examples I love:

a bit of moon just for you

If your pocket is burning with cash and you want to make an investment in a Moonstone piece, chose these Rainbow Moonstone 18-Karat gold earrings from Marie-Hélène de Taillac’s, available on for $3190. A small acquamarine stone dots the center of each earring, giving it a certain daintiness.

moonstone earrings for $140 by Melissa Joy Manning

A more affordable version are these lovely Rainbow Moonstone earrings by one of my favorite designers, Melissa Joy Manning. The simplicity of the craftsmanship here gives these earrings an attractive, understated elegance; I love the delicate 14 karat gold loops and the faceting of the stone.  Very minimal, and yet ladylike!

ask your vampire (or wolf shape-changer) love of your life to buy you Bella's ring--a steal at $45

If you’re interested in acquiring a ring like Bella’s, check out this hand-made replica available on Etsy for $45.  Part of what makes this piece affordable is the band–it’s sterling silver–but more significantly, the quality and quantity of the stone.

One more Moonstone FYI for all you shoppers out there: be aware of the type of Moonstone you purchase. The Bella replica ring showcases a “regular” or unidentified Moonstone gem, rather than Rainbow Moonstone, as Marie-Hélène de Taillac’s  and Melissa Joy Manning’s pieces does–what’s the difference?  Moonstones come in a variety of colors, but Rainbow Moonstone is the rarest and most valuable variety because it is clear and colorless, giving it a higher quality shine that is more desirable. Good hunting!

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