Brides-to-Be, get Megan Fox’s wedding look for less

8 Jul

Have you been holding your breath, waiting for pictures of Megan Fox’s wedding dress to be released? If so, my guess is that you’re a bride to be, like my friend Laura. She taped ET tonight (that’s Entertainment Tonight, for all of you out there who are unfamiliar because you have a life) which aired an “exclusive reveal” of the photos. Well, now the suspense is over and the pictures are everywhere, including this one, which the couple released to

Credit: GSI Media,

It’s hard to see the dress, but People is reporting that the bride wore an Armani Prive white chiffon gown with a sweetheart neckline and a 16 foot train.

Fox has frequently garnered comparisons with Angelina Jolie, and her wedding gown choice instantly called to mind Jolie’s Ellie Saab gown for the 2009 Oscars. Jolie’s gown is (of course) a different color, and her deeper sweetheart neckline is more sexy than sweet, but the simple silhouette of flowy chiffon gathered at the waist creates a similar look.

Jolie's Ellie Saab 2009 Oscar's gown

If you’re exploring bridal dress options like my friend Laura, and you like how this flowy look combines elegance and ease, here are a few gowns we found that give the same look for (much) less than an Armani Prive:

ABS by Allen Schwartz Women's Ruched Satin Gown--$160 at

The bias cut diagonal ruched satin bodice is incredibly flattering and makes for the same fitted yet draped look as Fox’s silk chiffon.

The slit at the waist mirrors the slit in Jolie’s dress–it’s a trick many designers use to flatter a woman, as it allows for the slimming column silhouette of a sheath (there’ll be no extra volume there if you’re bottom-heavy) that still allows for comfort and fluid movement when you walk.

If the gown doesn’t fit or you need another size, you can return it within 30 days as long as it’s in new/unused condition.

  • Net-a-Porter has a ton of options, including:

This Diane von Furstenberg Delphina Ruched Bridal Gown for $2,200.

Diane von Furstenberg Delphina ruched bridal gown--$2,200 on

The white ruched silk chiffon doesn’t come across as flowy here as in Fox’s gown, as it’s stretched across a bustier boned bodice. So, you lose the flowy Greek goddess look, but you gain a guarantee on having your slimmest-possible looking waist, and peaking out from under your sweetheart neckline will be your perkiest-possible looking cleavage.

Matthew Williamson Peacock-print silk-chiffon gown--$2,350 on

In this dress, the silk chiffon is gathered at a higher, Empire waist, which will flatter brides with wider waists (like me! In middle school, my orchestra instructor told me I have “child bearing hips”) by bringing the eye up to a narrower section of the body.
If you’re looking for a similar feel, but slightly different look, my favorite of the gowns currently available for a steal on Net-a-Porter is this one, a Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Opuntia corseted gown for $2, 645.

Vivienne Westwood Opuntia corseted gown--$2,645 on

I love all the details on this dress, especially the draped panels at the neck that fold into a knot to create a sort of modern portrait neckline–how darling and appropriate for the day when you tie the knot?  I also appreciate the slightly raised waistline (again, very flattering for us wide-hipped gals), that, combined with the asymmetric skirt, creates a slimming look. Finally, the corset top (hidden under the folded silk fabric) will keep you locked and loaded.
Even if you’re not a fashion geek, you may recognize Vivienne Westwood’s name from the first Sex and the City movie–in the film Westwood created Carrie’s wedding gown for the large ceremony that was supposed to be held at the New York Library. After the movie was released, Westwood created a shorter version for Net-a-Porter that was priced at $9,875–and promptly sold out within a few days.

Westwood's gown as featured in the first Sex and the City film

As with, you can return or exchange all items at Net-a-Porter for free–within 14 days of purchase.
  • is another place to check for wedding gowns at a great price. They have several dresses similar to Fox’s design, including this Silk Chiffon Taryn gown:

JCrew's silk chiffon Taryn gown--select colors for $299 on

The criss-cross draping that forms the sweetheart neckline in this dress is especially romantic.

Check out the rest of JCrew’s bridal gowns.
For all you brides-to-be out there, I wish you luck in your bridal gown search! Don’t forget to consider the internet as a possible source for your dress.

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  1. eventlookforless December 7, 2011 at 10:16 am #

    Love Megan’s dress but that Sex in the City dress…what were they thinking:)

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