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DIY Down by the Sea Hair Accesory or Gift

29 Jun

Nothing says summer better than nautical.

There are lots of ways to make waves with this trend, beyond the iconic red or navy striped shirts you see everywhere. For example, I adore these red striped cloth buttons featuring a delicate, tiny brass anchor and teeny tiny bubbles made of faux pearl beads. These darling embellishments set the red stripes at a diagonal, which freshens up the traditionally horizontal look and has an energetic movement that draws in the eye.

darling details

You can buy these on Etsy–$9 for 4 buttons–and the designer will make them to order so you can select a different color and request more or fewer bubbles. I added one button to a simple black Goody ponytail holder but snipping the hairband, threading on the button, then hot gluing the band back together.  Let it dry for 24 hours and it’ll be a fantastic, one of a kind accessory. In a couple of weeks I’m taking a weekend trip to the Cape with my girlfriends and I plan to give one to each of them.  What could be better than the effortless wavy hair you get at the beach? This darling DIY sea-themed hair accessory.

down by the sea