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Get the Bumble Bee Brooch Allison Wore on Tonight’s Mad Men

8 Aug

Did you notice Allison’s big bumble bee brooch on tonight’s “The Good News” episode of Mad Men? What a statement piece.

I thought it was pretty witty of Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant to place it on Allison, who, after last week’s episode, realized her place as a mere worker bee, not a Queen bee, in Don’s eyes.

In any case, if you’re interested in a statement piece like the one on Mad Men, I’ve found a replica, as well as a few similar brooches:

This vintage brooch is identical to the one Allison wears in tonight’s “The Good News” episode, and is available for only $15 plus shipping. The bee hangs from a bow, giving it a very feminine feel. I love the detailing of the piece, especially the grooves in the wings.

Here’s another vintage bumble bee brooch, dated to the 1960s:
This bee doesn’t hang from a bar or a bow (like Allison’s does), but is similar in its size, detailing, and gold tone. You can get it for $21 plus shipping. An interesting feature of this brooch is its “spring wings” which means that the wings will flutter a bit when you move.

If you’re petite and looking for a smaller version, check out this vintage piece that still has great details but is only 1 inch by 1 inch:
This one is a great deal and is available on Etsy for only $8.

Here’s another affordable piece from Etsy–this one vintage-inspired, rather than actually a vintage piece:

I like the brass tone of this piece–it’s a nice alternative if you’re looking for a bumble bee piece, but you aren’t a big gold person.

Finally, I think this one might be my favorite. I love the different textures and colors of this brooch, especially the sparkle of the white Swarovski crystals against the 24k gold of the wings. Because of the materials, this one is a little pricier, but you can get it 50% off on Amazon for $30.50.

Beside Allison’s big bumble bee, we saw Joan wearing a great gold flower brooch. I really hope that Mad Men helps bring brooches back in style. They’re great pieces to add to your jewelry collection because they’re so versatile. Here are a couple of ways you can incorporate brooches into your wardrobe:

  • Add some sparkle or color to a simple black sweater
  • Place on the lapel of a suit jacket to give plain work-wear some personality
  • Use a brooch to give a shapeless winter jacket a point of focus
  • Add to a knit hat or scarf to make your functional winter wardrobe more stylish
  • Attach smaller brooches to a simple head band and you’ve got a great hair accessory
  • Personalize a cross-body purse by pinning a brooch to the strap
  • Accentuate your shape by adding a brooch to a beautiful ribbon and tying around your waist

How do you wear brooches? Share your ideas with us!