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Mad Men Vintage Lingerie: Cinchers, Corsets, Girdles, and Garters

20 Jul

Goodtaste is hooked on Mad Men! Totally hooked. And today we’re getting ready for the new season premier by talking about crotch hooks! Why? Because we’re dedicating this post to Mad-Men-inspired Power Panties! Since putting posts up for Joan Holloway and Betty Draper inspired fashions,  we’ve gotten several requests to hunt down more Mad Men era girdles, garters, and corsets! Well, get ready to blush, because here they are. We hope you enjoy.

Source: Poshgirlvintage.com

Poshgirlvintage.com actually has an entire section of their site dedicated to vintage lingerie, and their inventory includes a good number of unworn pieces from the 1960’s (we love the navigational drop down menu that lets  you easily pull up all items by era, making a search for lingerie from the 1960s, 1940s, etc. literally a cinch).

Given their wide selection–and the fact that many are unworn, and thus free of cooties (important!)–we highly recommend starting your search for Mad-Men-worthy “unmentionables” here.

Check out poshgirlvintage.com for all your power panty needs.

This pair of vintage panties is a force for any tummy pooch to reckon with–it combines the power of waist cincher, corset, and girdle into one mighty, do-it-all undergarment. PoshGirlVintage dates it to around late 50’s/early 60’s. It lists the condition of the piece as “near mint,” giving these details: “No holes or stains. No wear.”

The waist is white and heavily boned, while the panty section is a rich ivory hue with metal hooks on the waist and on the crotch. There are a few details that make this piece stand out as being well-made, such as the boning, which is covered in satin, and the crotch hooks, which are  lined in satin also. Little satin bows decorate the  back of the corset and the stocking clips–how darling! The piece is labeled “Scarlett O’Hara-Peter Pan,” “size Medium.” It will set you back $139.


Here’s one more Poshgirlvintage piece we couldn’t resist–a 1960’s leopard print body suit for $109. The label is Vanity Fair, size 36B. This is about as sexy as vintage lingerie gets! The crotch has metal snaps–not lined, unlike the previous pair–so, not as comfortable. The front has little black plastic slider hooks with black bows on them.

Source: Rustyzipper.com

The Rustyzipper.com also has their own section dedicated entirely to vintage lingerie. Though it doesn’t offer the option to isolate results by particular decade, you can filter by size. Start by entering that, then enjoy browsing. Though their inventory tends more toward lingerie slips, night gowns, or brassieres, we did find these noteworthy power panties–for much less than those on Poshgirlvintage.com.

This 1960s Black Girdle Garter Belt only costs $20!  Made of black sheer nylon, acetate and spandex stretch knit, this piece is decorated with a nylon Chantilly lace front overlay complete with a tiny applique rhinestone flower on the center trim. This girdle-gartle belt may look sexy, but its all business. Removable acetate and rubber elastic garters hang from the boned waist cincher or waist girdle that uses an adjustable hook and eye back closure.

Tummy pooch be gone.

This white power girdle for $8 seems to be equivalent to the $80 spandex LuLu Lemon cycling shorts I use in spinning class. They are heavy duty!

Labeled as “Sears”, this nylon and spandex long line girdle gets the job done with a nylon tricot crotch gusset (!), and seat-shaping insets. The shorts have above-knee length legs, so you’d need at least a knee-length hem line to wear over this piece. Rusty Zipper warns there is some pilling inside waistband.

Source: Dandelion Vintage

Dandelion Vintage, which also has its own vintage lingerie department, is another favorite of ours. Within their vintage lingerie is a subsection happily entitled “Girdles and Garters.” When we checked they had over 3 pages of inventory, most under $20. Here are a few standouts:

We love “Girdle #107,” a black powernet panty girdle with a stretch mesh crotch, available for $55. A rigid, but beautiful, lace tummy panel and double layer of powernet on the fanny makes this piece effective. It has a soft stretch mesh in the crotch, and 2 removable metal garter hooks in each leg with decorative satin tabs on the front ones. Dandelion Vintage notes that this piece is in “excellent condition, appears to be unworn.” And adds that the mesh in the crotch was probably origainally black, but has faded to a brown color. The  lable on this piece is “Hollywood Vassarette Underneath it All.”

girly girdle

Finally, for all the girly-girls out there, a pink girdle, available for $60.

The label on this piece is “Vassarette of Munsingwear,” and states that the fabric is 80% nylon and 20% spandex. This will make for a more easy-going girdle. Pehaps appropriately, it’s a pretty and light pink hue. Most of the control in these panties come from the double layer of fabric on the tummy that’s done with top stitching. It also has zig-zag lines of rubber on the inside of the legs that attempt to address inner thigh jiggle issues.

Other sources to check online for vintage lingerie include:

We hope you enjoyed these Mad Men inspired power panties and that they fulfill all your figure enhancing needs.